Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cowardliness does not suit you

Your tears stopped haunting me
so very long ago. Love never
finds peace but the security of
one always waiting in the shadow
finds peace with turning the light
back on.

You cannot yell of unhappiness
if the fear of finding happiness
is just talk and dreams. Cowardliness
never was your best face, knowing
you were indeed the one who
chased away so many fears.

Happiness is just a decision
away, play toys can never be
remembered when life finds
you in death walking away.

I really could care less even
with the tremor of my heartbeat,
you see I am ready to live life
to the fullest while you sit
impatiently. One day it will
all catch up and it will be you
who cries the last tear, for it
will be the fear that chased away
what could have been now and

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