Friday, June 14, 2013


Coveted within a fortress,
four walls looked upon in
a questioning stare. If they
could talk what would they
reveal in a world of despair?

Dragons tail daring what
will never be risked, escaping
from dungeon nothing more
than a dream.

Walls closing as pebbles
fall to the ground, speculations
of the other side no longer
carries mind away.

Life suffocates lungs as they
blacken with no air to breathe,
conversations with a dark angel
falls from lips gracefully.

Stallion snorts under window
wide open, fear of falling
leaves girl unspoken. Time
ticks by as sun sets into many
moons, brightness of stars turn
all the fearful gloom.

Cowardliness speaks many
volumes, corners find four
walls closing ever so slowly.
Tunnels block what waits in
the arms of living, death finds
all regretting!    

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