Saturday, June 15, 2013

I could not help but to read a story tonight about sober and drunk men and woman. I found it very sad and upsetting to know that the old wives tale of a "drunk always speaks the truth" to really be true. I find it disheartening to know people will live within their own battered mind never doing what they really want because they are fearful of Consequences and battles they are not strong enough to fight. One scientist stated that men and woman have more courage when they are drunk and feel safe enough to speak the truth because the alcohol takes over the mind and their fear is dismissed. Only when they sober up do they go back into themselves hiding for fear of what "could happen" many people find misery in their lives that only alcohol can cure, but for just a short time. This is why many people become alcoholics In their lives, because they are to scared to live life the way that they want without some sort of punishment to follow. It is a sad world when we as human beings have to take a drink before bed just to sleep. We allow ourselves to be dictated by a world and people in our lives just so we do not have to face our fears. We allow ourselves to become alcoholics and drug addicts just so we can live in a farce of a life. Others allow us to become these things just for their own selfish needs. It seems strange that a drunk can tell us the truth just because the sober man is to scared to face the truth without poison surging through his body. I wonder how much more proof needs to be showcased before mankind finds his heart! 

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