Monday, June 24, 2013

Love, hate war

I hate you for the coward
that you have become, bending
at the will of what will never
be understood!

I hate you for relying on
materials to make you happy
when you still profess you
feel empty. A smile may reach
your lips, but never felt where
it really means anything!

I hate you for the promises that
were so easily broken, was there
any truth upon your lips when
spoken? I hate when you say you
must do what has to be done, yet
achieving it still leaves you cold
and numb!

I hate that you wish for so much
more, but yet powerless where
strength use to stand so firm! I
hate myself for still crying at love
songs so long ago lost. I hate that
I allowed you to step back into my
life when things finally started
looking up!

I hate the emptiness that finds my
body still and cold. I hate that you
stay where love has never been felt
as a complete whole!

I despise the way that so many times
I have stood still, the way that when
I start living you find fault if not with
you I am consumed!

I hate that my heart still breaks when
your eyes is all that I seek. I hate that
I love the way that I feel, when in my
dreams your words are always real!

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