Sunday, June 23, 2013

Silent Nothing's

There was that glimmer,
the one that speaks everything
but nothing at all. Sanity
finds me in peace where
all lays silent and cold!

The devil speaks into my
ear asking what holds my
boundaries so closely in a
tragic gesture. I fend him
off as I repeat the questions
that even I wish to know
the answers to!

What about that day, the
one that you felt alive and
so carefree! What brings you
back into the darkness, or
has it always stood in your
windowpane? Why do you
seek the answers that only the
future holds without any gain?

Can you feel the sun, the
pleasuring heat that covers
your body in life? Why is it
the cold is all that you can
feel of a night, when warmth
is what you so desperately

Where is the feeling behind the
laugh that you fake? Does life
have that endearing moment
that you so eagerly seek? Can
you find yourself in the mirror,
or is it just the shell of what
you use to be staring back with
a plea?

Pleading you for the comfort of
solitude! A solitude that can be
yours and yours alone, as the
warmth runs through your veins.
Life pardons your mind into a
blissful cold hollow grave as
you seek what another so easily

Why does the darkness of the
moon hold your attention so
intently? Is it because everything
and everyone around you sleeps?
Is it because lonely is what you
really seek? You find yourself
silently weeping as another star
reaches fallen memories, the
calm of the stillness breaks you

You realize that where nothing
stands, everything is found!
You search deep down within
the knots of your stomach and
you see what cannot be seen!
You feel what cannot be felt,
you crave what cannot be tasted
on your lips. But it is all that
you need, it is all that you want!
It brings you peace where nothing
lays silently!

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