Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some people really get to me! You feel bad for them but you hear the unhappiness and you know what keeps them that way, or most of the reasons but yet they do nothing to change their life. They worry and profess that they have to do what they have to do no matter the consequence to them. The truth is they fear what they may not have if they do not stay in such circumstances. There is no use having something if it is not enjoyed it is nothing more than wasted time and money. Things do not by love, heart and soul is all you have in life and it is all that you can take with you when you pass. The more you try to MAKE yourself happy the more miserable you will be but it is their life to waste and regret. Like everything else regretted it will just be another memory lost in the dark with a sad country song playing on the heartstrings of giving up on oneself. With a drink in hand I will toast the idiots who stay with people who cannot ever make them happy and say good freaking luck! As the saying goes ~Start living or get busy dying~ over drinking is a great way to hide and die unhappily! Have fun with that! And to those who allow it to happy for their own happiness enjoy the ride because you are the only one happy in the long run...

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