Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tormented Soul

Tormented soul stomped to the ground,
sent back to Heaven to heal itself again.
Lays in wait as it is too scared to leave,
going back to earth just to feel humans
pain once again!

Taking over another body it soon forgets
what life it had in its past. Learning from
each life it leads, learning more and more
until god grants its relief. Sent here to grow
in knowledge, sent here just to suffer!

Sent here just to be tormented, sent here
to love and then lose again another friend.
Sent here to enjoy another flower as it blooms
in splendor, sent here to watch the beautiful
snow fall in winter!

Sent here to prove it can live on, sent 
here to show us we can be strong. 
The soul is a powerful thing; in the 
mist of all of our torments the soul 
has already lived it. Finally learning 
all that it can it lays in wait for its 
loving mate! 

Released into Heaven never having to live another day in hell!

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