Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When you still profess unhappiness but yet still stand still then you deserve every once of pain you are given! When you fear being who you are just to make others happy then you live half of a life and one that will always laugh in your face for being to much of a coward to life for yourself and what you want. When your soul cries because it has a mask covering it to bid away the snide remarks of who you deep down are it is only your fault and one that you do not have the courage to change. When you put wants in front of needs and you hide instead of being who you are you over shadow the beautiful person that you are. You deserve to be put down, you deserve to suffer, you deserve to want what you will NEVER have for things will never be as good as being complete within yourself. When you decide to forever be where you are but still profess you are not happy, you are nothing less then acting as a coward and one that shall never feel the warmth of true happiness. When you do what you THINK you have to do, you leave behind what you really were meant to do and the person that was meant to be. Put up a fake smile, go for the gold, stay miserable within your self, for that is all cowards deserve!

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