Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bitch of the day

You cannot help but find certain things funny. People rushing about worried about things, throwing away life for what can be lost so easily. Main bitch today would be my ex and all men who allow woman to run their lives. They lose their children to please others and then bitch when the children do not want any contact anymore with them. If a man is not man enough to love and take care of his children just because some worthless bitch has no heart and is jealous over them then there is two things you can do. One leave her dumb ass or two stop bitching about your kids not wanting anything to do with you. You caused it, you gave up children that you brought into the world for things! If you are not man enough to see that and understand it then you deserve everything you get that you caused. This goes for all men who pick a woman over their children, all men who see a new life with a female that does no include their children. All men who can so easily throw that away without any real thought into what they are doing. They are not only cowards but heartless, they are greedy for the quite life that they worry children will interfere with. DO NOT BITCH OVER SOMETHING YOU CAUSED! And DO NOT allow a dumb worthless bitch to be the birdie in your ear telling you that it does not matter because you have her children! If you are one of these men then maybe you need to reflect on the way you felt when your children were born, the way that just seeing you would brighten their little faces and cause a giggle from their lips. There is no one no matter what they can give you that is worth the loss of your children, NO ONE. Unless of course you are one of these men who find pleasure in putting your family aside for another. If you are you will one day live in hell, whether here on earth when you do want contact with your children or down below when God sees that you turned your back on your own creation! Simple as that, no one can stop you from seeing or having a relationship with your children unless you are not man enough to fight them! If you are not man enough to take care of your children with a heart then just maybe you should not have had them. The most cherishing things in life is what cannot be bought. Love! Affection! Understanding of who you are no matter what! None of these things can be bought, meaning if you are a real man, none of them can be taken from you! 

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