Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bitch of the day

We are driven by what the media shares with us and take their words to heart. We are kept split because we are given two sides to the story and neither stories is the true story. We are given what they want to give us for their own ratings. Causing friction between races and countries! There is so much we are left in the dark about and we stupidly believe what we want to believe without researching and finding the truth out for ourselves. Are we lazy or do we enjoy war of the worlds and words? We need to stop allowing the media to fool us into believing them. We are fighting each other for the reasons that are fed to us.  

 We have all seen the news coverage on Trayvon and Zimmerman in the past months. How much have we really seen though? Too much but sadly enough we have only been fed parts of the story. Why? Why have we not hard the whole story from beginning to end? Why are we fighting each other? Why, well because we have only been given the card that spells this is a race thing. That is what makes ratings go up for the media. Why would they not go into full detail? The truth is not a seller that is why.

 I have seen the pictures of the confrontation and I have more than one view on this story, but in the end my words and yours will not matter because we are not putting money in the pockets of companies who do not care about what is right and what is wrong.

 First off Trayvon was a kid who got mixed up in things that he should not have! That is a fact! He went to the store and bought tea we were told, tea and skittles. How could that be wrong? Well what we did not hear was what kind of tea. Why does that matter? Well in words it matters because the judge and lawyers did not want to mention it because they ironically did not want to hear the race card. It was Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail, this drink with skittles and cough syrup makes a drink called lean. It is not a drug but it does cause a high that makes people see and do things that is out of the norm for them. He had been in trouble for being violent in the past months that led up to the event. At the young age of seventeen his liver was already showing signs of what this drink was doing to his body. Why did we not hear about this? Why has it just come out now? This is facts not speculations! Why did we not know this young man was committing robberies and the evidence was found in his school locker? The media and courts did not want us to know the whole story is why! They want to stir emotions in everyone with just half a story! Why were we not told that Zimmerman had fought for a colored man that had been pushed down to the ground for no reason by a police officer? As a matter of fact he even hung fliers until the police officer was suspended for his actions when everyone else had turned their cheek ignoring what had happened. Why were we not told about this? Well the media knew what would sell, that was turning races against each other for their own gain.

 Did any of Trayvon’s past actions give Zimmerman a reason to kill this child? Well of course not because he did not know this kid before that night so there is no way he could know of this child’s past actions! He was following a kid who was scared and had no idea why he was being followed. Wouldn’t we all defend ourselves or would we allow someone to commit bodily harm to us? The fact remains that this kid was doing nothing wrong at the time of his death but defending himself against someone who he did not know. Zimmerman was not in a police car? He was following someone and telling them to stop for no reason known to this child and yes I said child. He was not an adult! You cannot use someone’s past to defend actions of the present. If this were true then I could go and follow around my rapist and kill them and say “he raped me a long time ago” so I was defending myself! It does not matter what this kid done in his past, it matters what he was doing at the time of his murder, which was walking! Maybe we all need to stay home at night so we do not get murdered for taking a walk past dark.

 What we should be upset about is the fact that this man should not have been allowed to use the “stand your ground” defense. He started the confrontation and got his butt beat for harassing someone “in their own mind”. We should learn that the police are there for a reason, we DO NOT take the law into our own hands! We should be upset over all the cases “not just this one” where people are allowed to use such a defense when not warranted and then others who should be allowed to use it cannot. That is the big picture that everyone is ignoring. Or that the fact that the media has started a frenzy that was built on lies just to give them high ratings. We see it all of the time. We get mad at each other and other countries even because of something we are being only told in halves. We go to war and murder thousands for them defending themselves, but that is not the story we are told. Did we not go and defend ourselves when the towers were destroyed and thousands of people lost their lives? What we ignore is the fact that we were there for years trying to control what was not ours to control. The media and government have us right where they want us, in their corner. Right now we are being held hostage by ourselves. We hate each other because we do not KNOW each other, we only know what we are told and we make the mistake of believing what we are told. Because of this, wars will always be fought; lives taken will always be just money in the pockets of the government and media. We are allowing ourselves to be fooled, instead of enlightened. We are allowing ourselves to hate, instead of love. There are many wars to be fought, but for the truth and humanity. Not for the lies we are being told. Until we smarten up we will be just what they want us to be, their prisoners. 

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