Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blissfully in Heaven

Passionate heights have found me
oblivious now to everyone around me
I have tasted the kiss of love
but never one of true and pure passion
temptation has found free and wild
lust has never been devoured so sweetly

My mouth numb from the kisses
showered upon my lips
my body coming to life
where normal is no longer missed
I cannot control my hands
where glistened body begs for another touch

What was suppose to be a sweet lovers affair
has found over time with every caress given
so freely
hard and rough
all in one night is found
where the door is not sough-ten for

The taste of his salt lingers on my lips
as I softly mutter his name in sweet surprise
never realizing what could be found
with eyes wide opened
of what was never known

Never meeting glances
never seeing underneath
that passionate stare given to me
never thinking sweet lovemaking would find me again
I have found it in ten fold
never have I felt so bold or alive
in the arms of someone I had denied

Making love with the forces of our bodies
under the stars it began
with weakness we watched as the sun found new day
never regretting the loss of sleep
or the sweat we were saturated in
we found steps into each others arms again
like it had been our first
and last spent in heaven

Blissful sin has been given
now I know what I will never find again
for it has all been shared
within one night of heaven

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