Monday, July 15, 2013

Calming touches of nothing

I am empty
feeling no longer can give me pain
I am empty to all you say

I walk the halls of lonesome
I walk the halls of nothing
I am free
I am free from the pain you shared
nothing can stop me from living in myself

I am free, do you hear me?
I can no longer feel the hell you wished for meeeeeeee

I am nothing
I am no one
I am just black
I am living in solitude from here on out

Can you see the blue?
The blue of veins that so treacherously lays on the arm of the living
So easily they can be slashed
so easily they can run onto the ground

Strike a stone
Strike it and bleed
Bleed all of the pain away
can you feel the cut
the cut of freedom
the cut that empowers you to feel
feel nothing

Care no more
care for nothing
care for only the pain of freedom
freedom that only death can give you
freedom that life can no longer guarantee
only the slash of life, the blue vein that shares oxygen
give all up, end all pain, for life is not worth the next story

can you relish it
can you feel it
in the music, you can almost feel it
take for granted nothing anymore
take the life that hells angels gave
for they have no power over you anymore

The deep graves of freedom waits, patently
Words boggle the mind, feelings succumbs where hearts can no longer dwell
for love is NOT WORTH IT
can you hear?
can you see?
can you breathe the torment left behind?
torments of a broken mind?
Walk where evil resides
walk away from your lies
walk from the reality, that you caused the death of one
the one who shared in all of your pain
the one who felt your heart through the makings of nothing

Take me
take me where nothing can be felt
take me where hearts no longer dwell!

the calming effects that realization can only give
The calm before the storm
the calm that seeks only what is shared
shared among the death of souls
soul staking life taken, taken from all that exist
taken from all that was
taken from all that dreamed
dreamed of better things
dreamed of love and fulfillment

Dreamed where the heart of Satan played so foolishly
succumb to what has always meant to be
Succumb to your own reality

Feel the pulse?
it is tormenting your flesh
it pulses through your body like lighting
it calms everything where nothing lays any longer
it calms, it calms, it calms
what was so greedily taken!

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