Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So this could pertain to males or females. Not all men are out for finding a way to get his dick wet but hmmm most are. What people do not understand or care about is the damage they leave behind just to find their so called manly self in the process and they do not care as long as they can get what their piece of shit partners or should I say so called partners won't give them. They want faithfulness but they act like they are two when they are in the bed with him so he looks in other places. He tells lies to reel in a female and crushes her in the process of doing so. He has no reason to care because he knows his pocketbook is to lazy to find another man so she will always stay even knowing he has had many affairs just in recent years. That or she is stupid like the hearts he crushed along the way were. She wants to believe he is true to her and only her and that his words are meaningful when they are not. You see men only care about themselves, not anyone else. They cannot be trusted where only their dicks have feelings. Scott this is for you STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY BLOG! You are a fake and it has finally been seen. You act the part she wants even though you sat and told me and Myla two months ago you could not see yourself with her for the rest of your life. Now I am aware why you said that but your lie sounded good at the time. You have chosen greed over anything real so stay out. It is not hard to do you know, just don't go into my blog "that simple". You are always talking about your true love and soul mate "which is not your girlfriend" I think you just wanted to hurt someone as much as she hurt you, you have done so now leave me be. I wonder if your princess knows you have been with your true love since you have been with her hmmm the things you told me that you knew you could never tell her. You see apparently nothing you said and professed to me meant a thing or were true so why hold secrets anymore! Like I said, stay out of my blog or more and more will come out, go live your fake miserable, do anything for a farm life and leave me be!    

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