Sunday, July 14, 2013

Her terms 10/3/12

I do not believe your are as
happy as you want to believe.
I know because of the words
you now so carelessly share
with me. Watching me from
afar, knowing my every step.

Now you sit and tell me of things
you have read in black and white.
The regret you feel because life
is not has easy as throwing dice.

I knew you were scared of the
new life you would be leading
but how sacrifices should you
stand just for the price of land?
I always thought you as a better

A comfortable life you could
not leave,even when your heart
wanted you to be seen for the
man you really are.Your fear
held you back and now your life
is once again one of empty dreams
that will never be sought out.

You once again walk in her shadow
of a plain.She has never known
the real you and you were always
saddened to know if she did she
would never understand.You
have to be perfect for her on her
own terms!You as always were to
blind to see, she holds no real love
for you,her love has never been true!

Now you see the game she plays, but
yet you still fear life without things. I
cannot carry on like this forever, but
when the phone rings I cannot help
but answer it. I find prayer in every
night, that one day you will grow into
who you left behind. A man of heart
and powerful soul, not one who can
with opportunity by woe-d.

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