Friday, July 26, 2013

If you all are not in my blog then this should be no problem

No one in their right mind will do a book of true events and lie. I have never lied and you should know that by now. You do not keep a review up for this long and expect it not to go into more detail. I will keep on posting THE TRUTH into more detail until the review has been taken down. I did not get his new number by my foster mom after the death of my father. I have had it for a very long time and by his doing! Now I have been nice about it and just hinted here and there to take it down, you "John" should not have allowed her to post it knowing that I spoke the truth. It only goes to show you just how far you will go for THINGS. It is freaking sad to say the least that you know the book would not do well if it was called a lie and sadder to know you let her do it when you have already caused my life to be torn upside down from previous lies that you have told me for a very long time. FOUR YEARS WORTH! You know what is in the book is true from beginning to end! You know you started calling me first when my life had finally started looking up in a big way and you once again destroyed it by telling me you loved me and was thinking of a way to have what you wanted and for us to be together. The calls just stopped when she had her surgery, playing with minds and hearts "both of ours" has lead to this stupid shit. You told me four years ago you were not happy and have not been for many years but yet you stay. It is sad to know your choice revolved around what money could buy you and not your heart. You take down the review and this stupid shit can finally end and you both can go live your fake lives, that simple! The sad thing is you had me hating someone over what you have told me for so long. This started on your part every fucking time it restarted and in the beginning. To be so filled with dark that you would ruin so many lies just for what you want must be a very sad life, all I am doing is following in your footsteps! Here is the proof for when it started again, call my book a lie and I will keep on proving IT IS NOT! Take your review down and get on with your life, as empty as it may be and let me get on with mine. There are many more to go with these but to be told that I started the calls again, when I did not and for him to allow you to think this was me again, when it was not is messed up. I am done letting him feed me lies and make me believe he has a heart when he does not, why should I after all the crap that has went on for this many years. Yea Yea I should have learned but it is hard when he is feeding me the moon and stars and everything in between. I trusted and believed everything he has ever told me, my bad


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