Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Played innocence

Fierce inclinations heavily upon
shoulders, knowing truths and
leaving them behind are hard
to come by.

The willing to admit self wrongs
still find some denying their own!
Inclined to preserve no guilt for
shattered pieces left behind, all
consequences bared only one to

Playing innocent when choices
were made, not alone though
when two played. Dealings of
the heart never calms just because
they were told to stop. Dreams
still find lasting effects when in
the mornings all is reflected.

What is right for one shall always
be right for two. Careless intentions
leaves all bound to unforgivable
pain and suffering.

One cannot for so long play
with the feelings of another,
believing they are not in the
mix of blaming thunder. All
is left behind when in their
minds they are left to wonder.

Walking away is easier said
than done, all is released before
life goes on! No intention for
lives going to hell, some need
release where all dwell-ed
purposefully by another.

New beginnings has too put
all to rest, for life is nothing
more than games and tests!
Some will win, some will
lose, all will learn from their
endearing muse!

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