Sunday, July 21, 2013

Reminisce of passion

I never believed
I was sure it did not exist
I chased away the thought
cried in my own misery
I was for sure one time is all we had
and once it was gone
it was lost
never to be felt again

I was wrong
so wrong
for life has shown me
it is there
it is there
felt within the soul
of a passion that has never been felt
in the picture of passion
selfish greed for hunger
shared among the lonely

I never believed it could be re-found
like my body I have come alive again
with the taste of his sweetness
on my lips
lips of all craving
how wrong I was beleiving I could never feel again
My body is fighting against itself
fighting away the senses that has been aroused
by the un-suspected
the shy and meek
has in passion found me

My body is limp
as my thoughts are restless
every nerve within me tingles in anticipation
and want

I am tormented by his
the feeling he gives me
like he was meant to show me
in his arms I am lost
lost to his perfection
his kisses that he spares "not"
as he relishes every part of my being

I have never believed
that another could control my body
with just the breath of his wanting
I am trapped
among the greed of a lovers dance
coming together we find escape
my body becomes weak
in every touch he lays upon me
I lose my standing
as I fall gracefully
into his passionate arms

I am found
I believe in the lovers touch again
I know it awaits
only when I let all else go
only when I allow myself
to be swept away
into his eyes
the heat of his body
the touch of his hands
the power of his love making
it sweeps me away like the tides of the ocean
washing away all that was left
giving new life and meaning to
what remains

I am lost
never wanting to be found
in the reminisce of passion
I have found what was missed
in the knowledge in may be gone
but yet
for now
I am no longer alone
in the arms of what has driven me into

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