Wednesday, July 17, 2013


How enchanting life is
fallen leaves turned to dust
high above the earth, the sun rises
hues of color befalls the eyes of wonderment
Sets low the moon shall go

Breaking into day all forgotten where velvet lays
warmth covers you like a blanket
the clouds tell their own stories
beautiful stories of tomorrows treasures
treasures that only they can see

Silhouette dances under the stars
insisting you to follow
Round and round, merry-go-around
bows down to the being it belongs
outstretched hand your silhouette gives
turn, turn
feel the wind among-st your cheek
warmth swallows cold in the silhouette of tomorrows un-told

all barriers that grasp
tearing all fear that stays hidden
all lives in earths heaven
when allowed the given
relish what lays ahead
love all that opens self
dancing to the shadows of your own silhouette

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