Thursday, July 25, 2013

To Iphone

Stay the fuck out of my blog, you know who you are so this is not to all Iphones. I think trying to set me up at 16 for another person just over lust and being forgiven over that and then all of the lies and hell over the past four years has been enough! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! I do not want any reminders of you anymore. More so after this last time at the end of last year telling me you were now for sure that it was me you wanted and leading me on telling me the same thing up until two months ago! Have you not hurt me enough with your black soul? You were always so worried about getting things and now keep your fucking things and leave me be! That is the only reason you are there and we both know it, you told me to many times why you were there so fucking deal with it and enjoy! You have hurt me over and over since we have meant, why do you feel the need to keep hurting me? Does it get you off or what? LEAVE ME ALONE! I cannot take anymore! I know you see it in my writes, does that still not give you the hint of what you and you alone have done to me? Just stop stalking me and go live your fake, miserable, greed infested life!  

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