Saturday, July 20, 2013


What do you want from me?
Stop following me
where you think you are not seen
for the hurt already caused
has the best of what was

You watch
you took for granted what real love was
you threw it away
why do you keep coming back
where only hurt stays

Just leave
leave me be
I cannot take anymore
what would you like?
find your fake existence
in the meadows of green
where you will die softly inside
where you will see
greed leaves all lonely

Just leave me be
stay away
stay off
of anything that gives memory
for I am not who I used to be
I am as dark as Satan's seed
love has never been any use to me
I hate the thought
of giving my all
to the Devil who destroys all souls in his wake

Stay away
live your life
with all of the money you greedily wish
lands that will find no heart
alone you will live your dreams
with someone who has never shared them
for she gives you what you want
a part of her control antics
you see
for you have proven she will never have it all
or you would let me be
stay away
stay off
from things that remind you of what you lost

the stories
the love
the completeness
giving all with no holds
the mind
the soul
the sex and love that only we could with togetherness behold

Go away, live misery
leave me be finally
for I gave all where nothing was received
live in the shadows of yourself
by yourself
for even she cannot give you what you need
land can burn where hearts live
on for life
when treated right

Now please go
I beg you to stop
I have suffered at your hands for far to long
I need peace
where you started years of torment
I need life
to just be stilled

What will it take for you to see
what you have caused me
games lost
where dice thrown finds snake eyes
what do you want?
what do you need?
what will it take to show YOU
what will it take for you to remember
a heart that left your body a decade ago

She has taken all that you are
who you were
and can never be again
for the greed of things
ate your heart whole
you fell for the Devils tricks
mind now full of wants

You are no longer the man who felt with heart and soul
that person grew old long ago
please stay away
where you only want to play
I am not
your piece of property any longer
my heart does not rest in your hollow grave
my mind does not feed on all that you say
I am dead to you
do you hear
can you see
what you have done
with your lies and deceit

I just want to be left alone
and breed my heart into stone
and misery
for you have won
your game of trickery

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