Friday, July 26, 2013

Undressed eyes

I have fallen into his eyes
the color of life can be seen through them
sparkling like the beauty found within his soul
intentions we both ignore
as we let our bodies melt together in a passionate gesture
we are searching for ourselves
in the arms of someone who feels
the same restless needs and desires
that we had chased away like a thief in the night

In his arms I am lost
with every kiss I lose just another part
of my resistance
walls start cracking in his embrace
as he caresses my body with the touch of his lips
I start to shake
from pure delight
and satisfaction

Arching closer to what pleases me
my senses are aroused
my body feels lighter than it ever has
as I am floating away into the stars
movements comes so gracefully
intentionally I run fingers through his hair
enjoying the power over him
feeling his need
pressing against me
in want

Calmly at first we search in our own thirst
tasting every inch of what wishes to be loved
eyes find each other in a numbing kiss
all control gone now
we undress

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