Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Within the silence

Pain has found words wished
words of wanted hate suffocates me
in my own world I am lost
un-seen to the eyes 
unknowingly my heart falls, ungracefully

It sees, feels, holds what is invisible
conquering only the fraction of one heartbeat
taking grasp of what cannot be felt
everything goes calm
calm in the mind of the crazed 

Creeping, silently 
listening to the silent cry of lost hope
baring crosses where views empower all that stands
in the way of enlightenment
affection and perfection
where none can be found

The silent cry of want
finding who hides deep within self
who finds grief ever so slowly 
every so tenderly 
but yet,
so strongly
all falls where nothing stands
but the hesitation of humanity 
conflict-ions carelessly eases the insanity of the restless mind

Cursing all that is left behind
yelling deeds that no longer matter
finding truth in what is and can never be again

So soothing,
the prospect of finally seeing
and understanding
that some things just cannot matter
any longer

It feels so soothing with the thoughts 
of living
of hoping
of finding
who has forever been lost
or had never even existed
who had searched
but never found
the in-between

Finally searching deep within
the core of self
self doubt
self hate
self antagonizing pain
suffering where no one is left to blame

Now stands the time
to find what has always been wished
prayed upon a lonesome star
the star that shines the brightest
alone, yet free
brighter than the moon
it winks encouragement
it tells your story
in one last silent cry, it tells your soul
like me you can fly
to the top of the world
from where you stand
and kneel 

calm as the nights peace 
released are the burdens of lost
released are the moments that settled the heart into the darkness
releasing nothing
but yet
finding everything



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