Monday, August 5, 2013

A Lovers Dance

Anticipation takes over
my flesh as we slowly
undress for each other’s
eyes to enjoy. Our naked
bodies come together as
we dance in a song made
for sweet love making and 
sinful bliss.

I can feel your breath
as it caresses me with
soft butterfly kisses 
down my nape. With
one hand on my hip and
the other playing in my
tangled hair I start losing 
what little control I still 

My body starts to respond 
with the feeling of your 
hardened manhood against 
my leg. I can feel my wanting 
for you through the moistening 
of my thighs. I become 
breathless and shaken in
my need to feel your hand
lightly play with my bud
that throbs more with
every move that we make
in the teasing of our bodies.

You lay a hand gently on
my back and tilt me over
grazing your sweet lips 
from my nape down to the 
hardened nipples that lay
in wait for your tongue to
play. My legs start to 
tremble as your other 
hand finds the softness
between my legs. I am
completely ready for 
you, but still you make
me wait.

Walking me to the side 
of the bed you sit me 
down as you kiss your 
way to my wanting 
woman's place tasting
me teasingly until my
sweet orgasm spills 
freely in your waiting 

With one swift movement
you give me what I have
been waiting for. You
bare down on my shoulders 
as we meet with each powerful 
thrust sending us to heaven
and back.

I feel my body floating
like we are sky bound 
finding our climax "together 
this time”, reaching higher 
heights than we have ever
reached before. 

We lay down in the still 
made bed and explore each
others bodies from head
to toe, my anticipation
once again takes hold!

We have our whole lives
to explore, what has never
been found before. With the
touch of your lips my body
falls peacefully into bliss. 

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