Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Follow me
where the crest of night waits
for all to succumb 
to the pleasures of life

Take my hand
grasp it tight
listen to the music
playing only for us
the stars lighting the sky
making love under them
minds exploding with passion
that has yet to be felt

Kiss me
like you have never kissed before
let me taste the sweetness from your lips
like it is the first time 
like the honey from a suckle
I want it all
I want to savor every drop
of our passion
as we explore
the unexplored

Follow me
to a bed of wild flowers
caress my body
like you would their petals
lightly shower the enjoyments of your fingertips 
up and down my spine
slowly working your hands to my nape
my hair you find

Make an escape
in a cascade of my returned kisses
as my hands run softly
over your chest
like they are searching for treasures
in the unknown of your arms

Take my hand
follow me into our own escape
to the end of the world
in the love that we make

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