Monday, August 26, 2013

Dark Enchantress "By my alter ego, Sinfully Alive"

I am enchanted with
the way you talk the
dark,I wonder can you
walk it or is it all just
a muse. I beckon for
you to walk with me,
maybe together we
can enjoy a feeding.

We will take out the
weak and drive souls
to their graves,for me
this is no game,you I
am soon learning to
crave.I will take just
a small share of your
flesh that to only me
you shall bare.I will
take you to pleasurable
flights,with me you
will never fight!

I can be as sweet as
can be as long as you
share your feeding
with me,with a corps
beside me I can even
be at times cuddly.You
will see as you walk with
me that not all seems
as it may be.

I am only dark when I am lonely!

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