Thursday, August 22, 2013

When you stop searching for others, you find yourself unhidden

Everything is sweetly coming together finally! Charleston library has offered to have me come and talk about my book "Five Year Old Death" and do a book signing. I have been asked to do a book sighing in Preston and Garret county the 19th of October "so if you are in the area come join us". The redos of "Hearts and Souls Poetry Book" and "The Unhidden Reflections of the heart" are almost done with new names but not much different. The new names are "Hearts and Souls, the beginning" And "Unhidden Reflections of the Heart" new covers to go along with the new beginning :). Sinfully Becoming "novel" is finally making head way, Scadoxus Multiflorus "poetry book by my alter ego" is in the works and I am also going to be coming out with a poetry book called "Voice of a Manic" This poetry is a lot different than what I as myself or my Alter has written before. It will burn the soul but with truth of what we all face, but never wish to tell. My deepest emotions unraveling by the ink I spill. There are a few pieces on this blog that will be in that book, but most will never be seen until you buy it. Keep your eyes open and thank you so much for so much support and love by my beautiful fans. You all make me who I am, who I wish to be. Least but not last, any authors out there that would like to join me in the "Books for our Soleirs, in Afghanistan" please drop me an inbox on my Facebook, the more books we can send the better. Lets show our support to those who are fighting for our safety! Together we have the power to stand as one! And with that I have to say THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEEEE but never forgetting who she is or where she has come from while being found by others! x

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