Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fundamentals of life

The fundamentals of life
are built around many steps
the steps that your heart takes
in the directions that you are unaware
of until you are stopped at a crossroad

We try to make ourselves believe
that the longer the path
the more success that we will find
but it is the smallest of roads taken
that can make you so much more successful
where it counts
and will always be remembered

We worry about what we have
and do not have
thinking that things will build our character
never understanding that it is those very same things
that some of us thrive for
that shows greed has taken what use to be;
so treacherously

And as we stand back with pride
looking at our things,
"that cost everything"
that can never be bought
we soon learn that what we thought would make us seem completed
has only chased away those who loved the person that had nothing
and you realize in the dead of the night
that those who loved you for you
are gone as they shake their heads at what you have become

For you have lost all respect
where your heart can no longer be seen
and you have lost what hope others had in you
as you picked greed
You have forgotten where you have come from
no longer is anything,
better than nothing
you shun your mother and father
where once was deep connections
you walk away from your children
where your heart used to lay
while looking for one thing
that in death will never matter
for you will be forgotten
along with your green pastures

You see you should never forget who you are
or where you have come from
for in the end
you will be left all alone

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