Monday, August 26, 2013

Gates of Hell "By my alter ego, Sinfully Alive"

My gates of hell will open
up as you feebly walk through
them. I am beckoning for your
presence,I am waiting to smell
your essence as you move in
closer to me.

I shudder in the knowing that
you have fallen for my disguises
and tricks. I smirk as you come
closer, I can feel your strength
as it pours from your body.

You are full of confidence, not
the weakness I am use to! This
will be a fight of wills, I am
sure to find many thrills as
in the end I am sure it will be
your blood that spills.

You can feel my negative energy
now that you are closer to me,
you think of running but you know
it is to late for that now.You
stand up to me,you are a fighter
I am pleased to see!

You grab for my throat not realizing
it is made of stone. I throw you
down, this is my thrown you pitiful
clown.You grab for my heart not to
realize it is not there, it lingers
in a dark obis of despair.

I see the fear start to show on
your face now!I laugh because it
took you so long to understand I
am not made of blood and skin like
a powerless man. I am stronger than
you thought, a woman is the one who
will finally take you down. You gave
up and I still fought!

I have no use for you now,the goblins
I keep tucked away does not even want
to see your face, they turn you away as
a stray dog looking for their next meal!
I have turned you into one of the weak,
your life has become nothing less than

You beg me to finish you off now, you
cannot spend the rest of your life among
the dead you say!I look at you with eyes
of pity! I laugh at you when I once again
turn pretty! I leave you now as another
entity to walk the world waiting for the
chance to once again become a mortal!

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