Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Green Pastures

The dark is deafening as the girl races to the willow trees that haunts her dreams. The path has been marked from years gone by for her. She is soaked by her perspiration leaving her eyes blurred with the burning sensations the salt from her body has left. She is racing against time searching for a re-make of her life. She finds a bounty of dreams tattered and torn by the hate filled monsters that visit her closet in the midnight hour. She watches as her life so easily takes another step into the dark, finding relief where all is stilled by the hourglass left on her wall. Tip toeing out of the room she hears the softest of melodies playing like the music was only hers to hear. She searches quietly for what must be a token toward finding herself only to come up empty handed all alone. Her gut tightens as she tries to hold in the tears that have always lingered on her mind. She wishes for release where only strength can be held onto in order to save herself from another heartbreak. Life had shown her that the devil wins all games against the weak. She had been told long ago that her heart would be the cause of all grief, but she had preferred to believe in the good that she was sure to find in others. She had put all of her tokens in the pile like a card shark would, she had made bets where only losses could be guaranteed coldly. Holding on to the lies she had been told she followed the steps of his words, never realizing he was nothing more than the devils spawn in a masqueraded ball. She persistently asks him over and over if he is sure, with his endless tales he tells her he has never been more surer in his life. He professes he had been lonely his who life until her, she believes like a dummy on the comics stage. Never finding the truth until he rapes who he has decided to stay with, not in body but in soul, not in death but in what can be given to succeed his every need. He tells those closes to him that he has to do what he has to do, if not now he may never have the pastures that he has found only in his dreams. For greed he walks silently away from who he had once been into a life of falsity and sin. She hears the melody a little louder now, like she is right up on it. It is telling her a tale of what will never be but will always be regretted by the greed full and shallow. She smiles in enlightenment because she knows the truth will always be there in the crossroads of life. She laughs when she sees his mark where she has tread because she knows he is still watching from afar in his cowardly stance. You see the whole time she had been the only real thing in his life, she had just made the mistake to believe in someone who was nothing more than a coward looking for woman to scorn. So she happily says so long to the dark, so long to the fake who uses everyone who walks into his life! She sleeps in piece knowing that his will always be restless. You see greener pastures leave all alone, where he had admitted to all his other half could never roam. In his deepest treasures that are left on his mind to never be spoken, for in the end he is the only loser!     

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