Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It feels so good finding someone who does not use me for their own gain, whether in a sexual way or a means to an end way. This is the first man I have ever meant that acts like I am worth something by just being myself. Trust me a man who only wants sex or for you to buy him his wants does not love you, it is his way to manipulate and use you with his fake I love You's. Get out while you can and find yourself in the eyes of those who really love you. Women and men are both stupid for staying where they know they are only being used. If they cheat on you more than once that should be your sign that they are only staying for their own greed. If you on the other hand stay with them waiting for unfilled promises like I did that should be a sign they only want to mentally abuse you with their lies. Life is looking up now that my eyes are wide opened! Never take for granted the littlest things, for in the end they are indeed the big picture. x    

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