Friday, August 30, 2013

Life of Challenges

Life is so full of challenges, the ones we are given and the ones we search for on our own. We only have one life to live. so live it to the fullest with a heart of courage. In the process of getting ready to rip out a few pitches to a couple Television stations for "Sinfully Becoming", Sent a press release and book to Ellen DeGeneres "fingers crossed". If you are going to reach for the stars you need to jump through every hoop that you have a chance of crossing! You only fail at what you never try to succeed at. Test are meant to be failed or passed, the more you study the better chance you have at being successful! This may have been the worst time to quit smoking and going on a crash diet! If you are going to go big, go all the way. Don't forget to join me in Garret and Preston county in October for the book signings and Charleston is in the works now. Gonna be great! Gonna have a nice little shindig in Terra Alta afterwards, kisses and hugs my hunniiiiissss! 


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