Monday, August 5, 2013

Sinful Thrills

Your body is hard against
my flesh of tenderness. I
find myself falling for the
hands of the devil as you
find the parts of me that
you crave to devour.

I feel weakness in my
legs and mind,I fall to
my knees searching
for what I now crave.

I kiss and cover your
manhood with my wanting
lips, finding my own
pleasure in the deep
sound of your own
bliss and feverish

I am moist and ready
to feel the steel I have
driven wild. I search your
own wanting eyes of
intense erotic thoughts
and bend down on my
knees again but this time
to feel the rush of you
entering me in one
plush movement.

I am lost to your every
move and spiraling in
and out of insane needs
and wants before I finally
give you what you wanted
from the beginning The
knowledge that your body
can drive me into orgasms
over and over.

I take your manhood into
my wanting mouth again
as you are now lost to
you own cravings of masterful
sins.You drive your manhood
deep within my throat as
if you are still in my tender
maidenhood.You pull my
hair just enough to make my
eyes seek yours as you
now give me what I had
from the beginning been
waiting for.Your seed to
spill, in that I find once
again my own thrill of

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