Monday, August 26, 2013

Tantalized Spells

I want to wrap you within my embrace
feeling every emotion you have
through our heartbeats

I want to taste you
the sweet sweat that our bodies share
as we make love
in the dead of night
under the stars
alone our souls take part

Rocking your world
as my senses tingle
on my own shaky feet
hold me up
tightly wrapped within your own arms
for I fear my legs will give out
with just one more kiss to pouted lips

I try to endure your hands
as they work their way up my body
lightly caressing me into as frenzy
straying on my neck
for just a moment
while you kiss me recklessly

I want to feel your lips
as they fondle me into aroused bliss
my body tormented
with enjoyment

Giving each other
all that there is to give
falling off of the edge of the world
in erotic greed
fulfilling every need
that has never been felt
tantalizing your heart
with my spell
of completeness

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