Friday, August 9, 2013

The kiss of the heart

We can never go back into time
never can we relive the loves of the past
for they were meant to be a learning lesson
and nothing else

We try to remember
the little things
that meant so much to us
the touch
kisses shared under the stars
the power that another body shared
could bestow upon us

We want to find that
never believing it can ever exist again
telling ourselves maybe it was imagined
that it was a just dream shared among two souls
in the storms of life

We cry wishing it was still here
fist closed punching the walls
that fell, for one
crying out every emotion
swearing that we will never allow life to hurt us again

But we do

We find what we never believed in
more than we have ever felt
even in the arms of who we thought was
the one
we hunger
for what we have never tasted
because it was so far from our own comprehension
the sweetness was never dream-t of

A long ago love song comes on the radio
and we prepare for the tears to shed
as they always have
but they don't
and you sing
as loud as you can
and you feel the words within your soul
with a sparkle in your eyes you smile
and a tightening knot in your stomach
but not for your lost love
but in enjoyment for your new love

And that is when you realize
that all the tears you had shed
were the tears of letting go
for one split second you feel guilt
for not feeling that uncontrollable love any longer
you ask yourself
when did you stop loving him
how did you move on
when you never thought you could let go

That is when you realize
you are over him
and the stars in the sky
have brought new dreams
to only be shared with someone else
someone that makes you feel like never before
life stands still
for one perfect moment
and you finally see what love really is
as he showers his adoring kisses
upon your heart and soul

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