Monday, August 5, 2013

The Legends

Swaying in each others arms
we find ourselves lost in the songs 
of yesterdays legends
with the power of their voices
we feel their emotions
taking them as our own.

Lost within each others eyes
we softly sing Johnny and June 
the sweet melody falling like tear drops
upon two hearts beating in union. 

Two souls finding the road out of hell
spellbound by the greats like George Jones
where his heart could never rest peacefully
until he stopped loving her
in death he could watch her at ease.

Listening as Johnny sings The Old Violin
we dance away the night
lost in his grief we find our own pain
reflecting on our own lives

But Once in a Blue Moon
when the turbulence in our lives
seem to be to much to carry any longer
we find what we were searching for all along
doing something right for ourselves
we find our tears and laughter in another.

Right when you think
the songs of real feelings have left us
and the cowboys have hung their hats on a shelf
George Strait gives us the power of his heart
with Give it all we got Tonight
we fall into his lead
falling into a kiss
one last twirl
life is perfect 

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