Friday, September 20, 2013

Author Projects

The book drive for the soldiers in Afghanistan is doing great, authors all over the world are donating their love to our men and woman who stands their ground in protecting us. It feels so wonderful to do something that will show our love and dedication to our homeland heroes. You know when you leave this world people will not remember you for the "things" you had, they will remember you for the "things" you done from your heart. We were put on earth to love, tolerate and have understanding for everyone. Earth is nothing more than a learning game, it is how we play it that matters the most. I am so proud to have a big part in this book drive for our soldiers and for having a part in "Battered Shadows" for the victims of abuse. I could live under a bridge and still have pride in my heart and soul, where others give no thought to the less fortunate or those who give up their lives to protect us from harms way. Thank you to all of the authors who have been a big part in both of mine and Selina's projects to help those in need and to show those who are not here with their families that they are in our deepest thoughts.  

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