Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bitch of the day

Twelve years we have mourned and celebrated the lives of those lost with the destruction of the twin towers. So many innocent people lost their lives by the hands of terrorist. Catastrophe found us all on that fateful morning showing us that just because we live in the land of the free we are not as safe as our government wants us to believe. We are in more danger by our own government than any other government! We find the need to go into other countries and tell them how to live their lives and what they should believe and what they should not believe. We take it upon ourselves to be ruler of the whole world and if they do not abide by our rules then we start killing whoever stands in our way from accomplishing such deeds. By now most of us have heard the hidden truths behind 9/11 and what led up to so many deaths of the innocent, our own government had their hands dirtied years before and knew what their deeds were going to cause. So it is the American families that had to suffer on that fateful day. Do not get me wrong, the united states have done a lot of good for other countries, just enough to break us and send any worth wild jobs overseas. We protect those who cannot protect themselves and hand our guns into their hands as we take them from those in our own country. We feed those who cannot feed themselves as our veterans sit in alleys cold and hungry. Yes we have programs here for them but it is not the help in sheltering that they need, it is mental stability that our soldiers need after years of tormented minds of what they have seen and had to do to keep us safe. Safe from what? Safe from what? From other countries battles that we feel the need to put our noses in? Safe from running out of oil? Safe from not being the country on top when it comes to military forces and weaponry? Here we go once again, we are going to put our men in a country who has already pledged our destruction if we do. Why are we doing this? Why are we going to set foot on soil that will in the end be the deathbeds of our own people? What is it that the government is not getting into their heads? These people have even threatened the rapes and deaths of our own Presidents children but yet he is steadfast on his trickery of our minds. I do however agree that this whole mess is like a double edged blade. If we go and fight these terrorist we are risking not only our lives but the lives of the innocent in Israel, Russia has already started their war with Israel with just our threats of going into Syria. Why are we being mislead and told that they would not do so unless we attack? It seems like we are left in the dark about many things. But on the other side of the blade we have to worry about not stepping in, if we do not step in then we have to worry about the chemical warfare being used on us. We would have to worry about every country "including our own" breaking the treaties that were set into play in the 90's to keep chemical warfare out of the game of wars. Yes I say games, these wars are started by men who feel less superior to other men or countries. They are almost like boys in gym class taking a peek to see who is the "bigger man". How sad that we all cannot just let each other be. We should not be forcing religion down each others throats! If these terrorist do not believe in god that is their business, they should not be killing off those who do just to give themselves more power over the very people that share their own bloodlines. None of this makes any kind of sense to me, but I am not alone. We as a country are tired of the wars, we are tired of our government going into other countries and forcing ourselves upon them. We are hated by so many now and we deserve it! Not you and me though, not the people who do not want to push ourselves on anyone else and crave for a peaceful life among all. Our own government is indeed our own worst enemy, at this point there is not much room to deny that any longer. Our soldiers proudly give up their lives to protect us, the sad thing is we need more protection by the very government who is suppose to be looking out for our best interest. How sad is it that they only play with our minds and futures instead of doing what they should be doing. They were not elected to cause our deaths, they were elected to protect us. If we go into war with Syria, we will see many more towers fall on our soil. There is no getting around it, we have made enemies with to many other countries now. We as American have to make a stand and band together, we have to stand as tall as the twin towers did before 9/11. We need to find our nobility and compassion once again, we do not want this war as we did not want many other wars in the past. We can be told all day long that our words matter to the government, but they do not. We can believe all day long that we are innocent and doing what we have to do, but we are not. We are doing what we are told to do, we believe what we are brainwashed to believe. I think it is time to make John Lennon's dreams come true, for they are the dreams for most of us also. "Imagine there is nothing to kill or die for", "Imagine all the people living life in peace". Words to live for, words that have touched many hearts for years and hopefully many years to come. We do not have to be dreamers people, anything is possible if we stand as one. 



  1. I can not agree more!!! All of you out there!!! Don't just remember what has happened on this date, remember always, but keep it in your heart! Give compassion, hope, love everyday to your fellow man.
    Remember that Americans come in every color and we must ban together as a nation and not hate!

    Thank you Bathsheba for your beautiful and poignant write!!!

  2. Thank you and it would be so wonderful if we could all come together and stop all of these wars going on. Thank you for reading <3