Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cascades of Reality

Lost in the memories
of can be's and could be's
I have found
where I should be.
Something deeper than
what can be found on the oceans floor
where lost ships lie in wait.
Something higher than heavens skies
where only some
will cross through the pearly gates

Life has found me with open eyes
I have looked past the horizon
past the mis-deeds and lies.
I have woken with sleep covered lids
finally understanding what I had always been denied
Through the whisper of his words
I feel something that has never been there before

No games are played
where hearts have lain in rest
no child antics
where a man really exists
In it for everything
but yet looking for nothing in return

New beginnings are no longer just words
reality has found all still
freedom rings true in his glance
where more is felt

Men still exist,
the ones who believe in themselves
who needs no others to pay their way
for that is nothing more than a child at play.
A real man that does not hide behind fear
for a true man will always pick what is real
something that is labeled by the fraction of an heartbeat
never by the total of boyish zeal's!

Time has found that life can be amazing
it can be enjoyed without a cascade of lies
it can be lived without the masks of the disguised
for life and humans are not games to be played
it just took awhile to figure out
that boys dressed in a mans suit
are nothing more than an everyday user.
They are abusers of the mind, body and soul
for they feel so little inside
they have to take all in tow.
They will use all to their benefit
and then lie it away
but it always comes back to haunt
for truths will always succeed
where a man can no longer be seen!

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