Thursday, September 12, 2013


Time always reveals
the secrets that hide behind every veil
nothing hides for longer than it is needed
for all eyes open
when one plus one makes two
where no answer truthfully rang true
it is figured out in the midnight hour
of common sense

Reality finds you hardened
in what you are to stupid to see for yourself
all falls apart when eyes finds
what should have been so noticeable long ago
what should have been sensed
if you knew the beat of ones heart

Like a book on the nightstand
telling the secrets of life
that should have always been known
not everything is learned through empty pages
the chapters of one can only be learned
through opened eyes that pay attention

Nothing can hang in the closet
to change ones ways
it was a chance taken
but it never mattered in the game played
for it was just another excuse
to give reason for your insecurities

It takes someone who has passed the test of common sense
to notice missing objects
and left behind hints.
The smell of perfume
on washed away sheets
the rushed call that seemed so odd
or the nervousness that was out of place

You see all is figured out
when reality takes a bite
from the mind that sees nothing was right
time of events all add up
when common sense
can no longer deny all

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