Friday, September 13, 2013

The Beast

I feel like a caged beast
my hands are clutching the metal that holds me
steadily inside the cage of insanity.
I am shaking it as hard as I can
I am making bargains with the Devil for my release

I am looking for a fracture 
on the floor in which I stand
searching for the hole that will take me away
into the mist of no mans land 
with clipped wings I still find my flight 
I still feel the wind against my body 
as it tries to fight me back down into the cage of reality 

I am a beast
I wont be held down
this cage of insanity is only a test of my faith
your iron can never compare to my strength.
You see every wall that has been built
can tumble down 
like the big bad wolf I can do it with ease
for the storm in my mind will always calm
when the thunder finds peace 

I shall once again roam freely 
nothing holding me back from my own destiny 
no one caging what will always be set free
for the beast has been here since the beginning
as it will be in the end

So you see my dear
you only held me for a fraction of one moment
you forgot to never underestimate a woman
for our strength can never be compared to that of a man
we have felt the stings of misused words
we have felt the pain of fractured bones
we have cried our tears of lost love
we have born the children given to us by your loins
and we still walk into the sunset 
with a strength you will never understand

We are the caged beast
that will always find our way out of insanity
for our minds will heal
as our hearts have learned to deal with men at play
you see we are by far the stronger of two
for we have dealt with the trickery of man since the garden of Eden
walking away we were always destined to be
the beast who holds all on our shoulders with ease

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