Thursday, September 26, 2013

Washed away

Dawn rises
as the light blinds the eyes that were
closed off to the world.
The demons played a game of torment,
among the lost and forbidden.
They thought they had won,
the score board was all to zero.
They believed they had the upper hand,
until the reality of what they had fought for
shows no happiness or self control in sight!

Your soul breaks away,
proving all wrong in the game that was played.
The demons have left the closet and with them
they have carried away any residue of lonesome reality.
Your soul finds its rightful place on earth
as it touches the inner lining of humanity.
Caressing the folds of the life,
begging pardon to live for one self.
Letting go of all others,
that threw your soul into the pits of hell.

Domination forfeits the mind,
letting go of  past conflicts.
You once again find control!
Control over your heart!
Your soul!
The being that rested peacefully within, tragically.
It had waited for so long,
for the escape,
the gratitude in knowing all was not failed.
It had waited for its own flight,
tearing down all self hate,
destroying the dying wish left by others.

The scars left on the body and soul
are merely nothing but a reminder
of the battles lost and won.
They are nothing more than proof
that you were never weak!
Even in your weakest hour of life,
you proved you would come out fighting.
You proved you would once again gain your own reflection,
what was lost among the shadows of grief!
With your soul intact you find laughter,
within the reality of another life,
you already know the outcome.
For you have already walked the lines of truth,
you have already heard the stories told in high grievances.
You know what stays hidden,
and you find peace in knowing that
life will never be more than half lived and enjoyed.

Freedom has finally spoken in volumes,
for life finds its own way
down the tracks that were meant to be lived.
The mind blissfully finds satisfaction,
in a calming relief.
The heart has finally opened,
to the only ones deserving.
The battles within have found their white flags,
a truce has been bargained,
the soul finding life no longer in distress.
The fire has been smoldered,
by the tears that had been shed for so long.

The beauty of the stars can be enjoyed once again,
as the memories of their pasts tell us a story
in the darkness that once consumed us.
The turning colors of the trees remind us
that all seasons come to an end,
in its own time.
All is washed away in the storms of life,
the thunder fights its own battles
as all is cleaned here on earth.
A new beginning finds completeness
and beauty in everything!

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