Friday, October 25, 2013

I feel you

I feel you,
you are taking all that I am!
My heart is on the brink of intense emotions

I feel you,
I feel the power of your eyes
searching my being inside and out
you are finding understanding in all that I breathe
and wish to be.

I have lost myself in the hourglass
begging for it to still
wishing for the sands to stop in midair
giving me just one more moment
to savor the kiss laid upon my lips
in sweet anticipation

I feel the weakness in my knees
or is it the earth that cannot hold still?
While in your arms all control is lost,
dizzily I try to find my boundaries
that you so easily pushed aside.

I feel you,
the pulse in your neck as you hold me close
tells me everything that I need to know.
I am lost within the very breath that you take,
wishing to make it my own living as one!

I feel you,
the tenderness you give so freely
beckons my mind to walk to the end of the world with you,
hand in hand!
Our minds reading the thoughts that are held dearly within
making the great escape,
battling fears together
no longer fearing what could be!
For the fear of what could be,
would ruin
"what could be",
should be,
will be,
as long as we fight our battles together.
Heart to heart,
soul to soul,
mind to mind,
hand in hand!

I feel you,
within me!

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