Friday, October 11, 2013


The tone of your voice caressing my ear lobe
sends my body in uncontrollable fits.
My will is broken and shattered with that
one simple question "may I".
With an enticing purr in my voice
I shall always give the same answer
"of course you can"
Both of our senses now out of control,
searching heights that has never been felt.

I find myself exploding with erotica sensations
before you even have a chance
to explore all that has been given freely.
The taste of your mouth after it has given me
pleasures beyond my wildest dreams leaves
a sweet nectar behind as you follow through
with your muttered tease.

I find myself lost in your gaze,
I feel my body giving in to you
with the pleasure I see in the pools of your eyes.
I am lost for only you to find!
I am captured waiting for you to free
the lust that finds us both on our knees.

I feel my body seizing before we have even started our love affair.
I need and crave what you have proven
can only be smoldered by your own hands and body.
As the fire once again reigns out of control
we find ourselves once again
within the folds of each others arms.
caressing, but never taming
what can be enjoyed throughout a perfect night under the stars.

I find my body has only now learned the true meaning to passion!
I find my mind cannot stop thinking of our time spent together!
I find my heart has finally found what true love can only give!
A love that is unbroken and uncontrollable!
A love that is meaningful and real!
A love that has fought the battlefields,
and came out where it has always belonged!

I love ya hunni ;)

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