Monday, November 25, 2013

I could tell you what I want, but yet that may not be what I need. I find myself lost in the shadows of a world left behind never understanding what is yet to be lived. I find my own words sometimes shallow, but yet they mean so much to me. I write them with the blood that pours so freely from the tips of my fingers in hopes that I will understand myself and others more openly. Sometimes I sit in the quiet and feel my soul wanting to be released, it feels like my body wants to take a timeout from everything else that is going on around it! When I finally sleep I hope to take these journeys that in life I may never really experience. My soul though has that ability and it is telling me that it needs to take these journeys in order to be thankful for what I have here on earth in the flesh and blood. It is in those moments of silence and reflections that I find peace with this crazy world that we live in. It is in those moments that I find myself a little bit more everyday.

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