Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No man's land

I hear the whispers of the dark,
the words that are not spoken
although they are heard loudly within my own soul.
I feel them pulling me away
on shaky legs I caress the ground
that I walk upon.
The unknown is just a step away,
all control is losing boundaries.
Deeper I roam
into no mans land
I am lost among the hunted.

I can feel the beast
hauntingly it speaks in volumes
it talks in riddles that only I can understand.
I listen intently,
stopping in my tracks.
Eyes searching frantically,
it seems like all is in disguise.
I see the shadows of nothing
dancing against the deadened trees
in a luring way I notice
that they beckon for me.

My world is spinning as my
head collides upon open palms.
Screaming within myself
I tear the clothing from my body
I shake needlessly
for nothing can harm me
where nothing lives
in the world for which I grace.

My mind  is prancing with the shadows,
it understands the need for release
it feeds on the dark
like most do the light
for it has felt the pangs of hell
where death has never resided
just yet

I walk away!
Allowing the whispers to die
where they began,
and will never end.
I know I shall be back
for this is the place of my retreat
where I let all out
in my own sense of defeat.

I find weaknesses
being strengthened
where the dark finds me hidden!

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