Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mind tricks

My foolish mind played tricks on me
it told me who it thought I saw in my own dreams.
A man with an angelic smile
that knew what I was going to say
even before I knew the words at play.
A comfort zone that could never go wrong
where two are on track like an old country song.

One touch could send me over the edge
like a battle in a war zone 
that could never be fought to win.
Silly dreams and inquiries of how far I would go
to keep him around,
safely tucked at home.
Passions that were his alone
that I would have done just to for once
really feel loved. 

My mind played tricks on me
telling me what I wanted
but really never needed!
For I needed a man who wanted nothing more
than one woman to spend the rest of his days with,
one woman to feel his heart and touch!
A man who feels like I am enough
just as I am, happy with just the touch that I can give.

Someone who has to dig deeply within
my heart and mind to understand.
Taking the time to get to know
the real me without asking for more.
that in the end is so belittling. 
A man that watches me and where my eyes may stray
and then puts the jewel right in front of me.

Making love with just our eyes,
dancing away in the kitchen
forgetting the food that boils away on the stove.
Knowing what needs to be done but taking our time
for nothing is as important as two hearts on fire.

My mind played tricks on me
my heart has found
where I was always meant to be!

I love you and only you my true country hunni

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