Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The past couple days have been so blah. Sick babies and a sick mom has completely been draining but what really hurts is seeing my mom hurt because she feels like her child cares nothing for her not even enough to call and check on her when she is in the hospital. Sometimes people are so worried about things and pleasing others that they forget the most important people in their lives, like the ones who brought them into this life and those that they have brought into this life themselves. No one is more important than blood NO ONE. The sad thing is one day you will wake up and see the pain you have caused your family and I have to wonder "will your things" be able to replace life and those that you have lost? Time runs out quickly and when least expected, don't let your so called standings in life and those that have no baring on who brought you into this world cause you to regret what one day cannot be fixed. A couple hours every few months with your mother does not show her love and consideration, a phone call that goes in and out all of the time is not proving your care for her. Replacing your family as always with another will only cause your heartbreak one day when she lays beside the father that felt like he lost you years ago. This is no bitch, this is no argument, this is however reality of what you have thrown away for people who are not of flesh and blood. For people who think themselves more important than your own family as if they live on higher ground. I hope you see what you have done and are still doing before it is to late. I hope for your sake that you see and realize that you have thrown away and forgotten the most important people of your life and when you rock another child who calls you papa you realize that you have flesh and blood grandchildren who do not even know you because you feel as if you are made of gold and them of copper. You are not any better than your family that you allowed to be tossed away, one day you will regret what will never be amended. 

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