Monday, January 13, 2014

Enough is Enough

I have been through my trials and I have discovered happiness,
I have been through the ringer but yet found completeness.
I took me, myself and I into battle
and decided there was no war to be won.

Just that of a restless mind
who needed to be shown the right path to take.
I have made mistakes plenty,
but haven't we all?
I wrote them down with paper and pen
giving away even my own faults.
I put myself out there,
ready to make a new start.

Everything seems to haunt me though
right when life has found its own way.
I keep on being punished for the mistakes
myself and others have made,
it seems they want the drama
that I just can no longer take.

I want my happiness,
with those that I love.
I want to rewind time,
but we all know how the story goes.
I am tired of suffering the past that I left,
I am tired of helping those who search for grief.

I just want to leave everyone to their own drama,
I just want to take my loved ones
and say so long to everything else.
For now I will do what I must
but there comes a time
when the nice girl finally says enough is enough!

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