Monday, March 10, 2014

The mind of the heart

Misunderstandings controls the heart,
in a second all is lost.
Nothing matters when the dark side finds fruit,
for all the good has no bearings like it should.
All sours when words are not shared,
like a bomb has been set off by the ticking of a time clock.
In anger the best things of your life are lost,
effortlessly all is compromised and one sided! 

Life finds us giving more,
wondering how some stand strong
while others give in so easily.
Tears upon the heart grieves for what once was
and may never be again.
The taste of salt leads to nothing but ailment,
the shaking of your hands can be felt through your soul.

Careless misfortunes should not end the beauty,
of the flower that thrived in the sun for so long.
Storms will always be a part of life,
for we all have battles that tear us apart within.
We must find time to dance in the rain,
allowing it to wash away all the restlessness that is felt.

When the heart matters,
nothing else will.
When you have the strength to fight the war,
the gain is more than words could ever describe.
Nothing is easy and no one ever said it would be,
for life throws us punches when least expected. 
The moral of the story is,
where love resides nothing else matters.
Unless the mind believes the heart can be so easily spared,
where once stood the beauty in tomorrows mirror,,,

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