Monday, May 5, 2014

A peek into "Sinfully Becoming"

You know what Sin?

What would that be “looking him up and down in all of his filth” That you need a nice long shower after such a hard day on the job? Smiling sweetly at him

HA HA, no! I was thinking more along the lines that you do not look like some cold blooded murderer.

Lucky for you then huh? You see the problem with men is this. You all look at woman the same way; we are little frail beings just waiting for their next ass beating. Luckily for me and unfortunately for you, I do not fit into that percentile. But on the other hand if you are nice to me I will consider on being nice to you.

"Will" really had no idea how to reply to that so he done the next best thing and just laughed it off. How about that pizza now murderess?

Muttering under her breath Sparrow said she hoped it was delivered. This was going to be a very long day for sure!

Will led her into a room that looked the size of her apartment; with a lot of work it could be really nice. There were probably ten men seated around what looked like to be a living area. Of course when she walked into the room with Will they all started acting obscene and obnoxious.

O Will done went and got himself a new piece of ass, some young punk started hollering. Hey Will if she bores you can I have a taste of her sweetness? Chuckling under his breath!

Sparrow knew she had to stop this before it even got started or she would have to ruin her plans right here and now without even knowing for a fact that they were the gang that she had been searching for.

Sweetly she asked the boy what his name was

Standing up he circled her and asked who was asking, ladies first I have always been told ya know!

Well it seems to be a weird time to act as if you have any kind of manners, wouldn't you say? But to answer your question my name is Sin.

Whistling the boy said well Sin my name is Tommy and I am here to please baby, here to please.

Sparrow got as close to Tommy as she could like she was a panther stalking her prey. Finger outstretched she motioned for him to come a little closer which he had no problem in obliging her on. As swiftly as she could she grabbed a hold of his throat and lifted him up on his tippy toes.

Nice to meet you Tommy, through clenched teeth she muttered. The only sweetness you will get from me is a bullet “averting her eyes to his crotch and back up to meet his eyes” where I am sure you would rather it not be! Letting him loose with a kiss to his cheek she told him “besides, I don’t find enjoyment playing with boys”.

The room exploded in laughter from the audience that they had acquired with their little ordeal. Will was getting a kick out of Sin but she did not care what he thought about her. Besides if she was going to gain their trust and respect she had to be just as crude as they were.

Will could not refrain from throwing in his two sense “Hey Tommy my man, how did that sugar work out for you?”

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